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Monday, January 12, 2009

A lot of a little - 3 -

My husband is making me watch the chicks funky boobs (not in a good way either!) on the Bachelor, he's nuts...

I added my maiden name on my FB page and am getting stalked by High School DREAMS.. They are crazyyyy!!!

So a few things about me.

1. I dated a guy with hair longer than mine, it was so red too, and he played the guitar and drove a VW rabbit. He never took me anywhere nice but he always made me laugh. It took me close to 10 years to get over him.... and he was not that good looking.

2. I dated a stocking blond guy that got caught stealing with some other guys and ended up in big trouble. He never treated me well, it didn't take me long to get over him.

3. I dated a guy with a ponytail, a bad attitude and a few really nice cars. He wanted me when he could not have me then didn't care what I did when he did have me. He was a mechanic, my car was treated better than I was. I miss that car....

4. I dated a guy that drove a motorcycle, had fast cars, was really good looking and hit me so hard I flew down a flight of stairs and probably should have had stitches. He was easy to walk away from.

5. I dated a guy that loved me more than anything, paid my rent, let me drive his car when mine broke down and he drove it with THREE gears! took care of me when I was sick, paid attention to my God Daughter when she was over to spend the night, and played games with her. Played Hockey with me and took me to really nice places... and I treated him like shit... I led him down the path of thinking we would stay together, and that was never true. it's sad, I would apologize to him if I saw him today.

6 I married a guy that I met and knew I wanted, I loved everything about him from the moment we first spoke. He's the most wonderful father, husband, takes care of my car, our house, has nice things, takes me nice places, never hits me, takes care of the baby when I don't feel good, makes me dinner, allows me to sing as loud as I want and never tells me how bad it sounds... and so much more!


Susie said...

What a great history lesson:-) I think we have all dated people who didn't respect us and people we didn't respect. It sounds like you ended up right where you needed to be.

Aubrey said...

Your hubby sounds like a pretty great man! You saved the best for last!

Kris said...

Been there done that with #4. It took me a while to realize that I deserve better. And I got the best!! for me. Isn't great when you marry your best friend!

Kris said...
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