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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, daddy's sister came in town to surprise his/their mom for her birthday. It was so much fun on Fathers day to be around all the kids on their side and Miss T got to meet them all (even the Mean Aunt that would not speak to or look at either of us) and we had a good time. Daddy and his sis went out last night after work so she could do some networking and they could catch up. Not the best of nights for this, Miss T has had a bit of the stomach flu for most of the past weekend and was just getting back on her game. Tonight she finally had a normal night and after baths and dinner she was off to bed by 9. We woke at 1 to eat, which happens on occasion when the thumb is not cutting it. So up at 1 and she was not in the mood to go back down and so we were up and down for the next two hours and finally I gave in and let her sleep in bed with me around 3. Just then daddy gets home and so it's another round of trying to get everyone calmed back down and to sleep and needless to say we did not get back to bed until 4 after another feeding. It's been a tired night, we slept on daddy's side of the bed because I can sleep better holding her on my left side than on my right and that's how the bed worked out. I woke when the alarm (on my side of course) went off and tugged at daddy to snooze, he woke up, looked at me and started shifting the PILLOW. I said "What are you doing?" and then he started reaching around on the ground and then back up again, I said "turn off the alarm" he looked at me and started moving the pillow over again. I again said getting a little louder this time without trying to wake up anyone else in the middle of the bed "WHAT are you DOING!" he looked at me again and by this time I gave up, shoved his head into the pillow and reached over and snoozed the alarm. Back to sleep for my extra 5 minutes of lying there knowing the alarm was going to go off again, and it did and we went thru the SAME THING AGAIN! Ya, he was tired and it was his day to drop off at the sitter... that's not gonna happen is it?
Needless to say I was worried about even getting in the shower if she woke up but I skipped the shower yesterday because we were running late so I had to today. I jumped in the shower after putting the baby in her bed for the first time all morning. I knew she would wake up so I woke daddy and said "LISTEN FOR HER, TELL ME WHAT I JUST SAID" and he replied and said he would listen for her and I jumped in for a super quick shower.
Got out of the shower for a normal morning... I prepacked her bag the night before so he was ready in the morning, so that was good. I got dressed, teeth brushed, hair done as well as I could manage ( I am getting a trim next week) so after that I ran down to get the pump and supplies ready so I could go, I packed up everything in the little car (that smells like an ash tray right now) and went back inside knowing I was already pissed off for the day. I got everything else ready and got Miss T up for her 6 am feeding. Normal, consistent and then I was ready to go. She was awake so I decided that I would just get her dressed, cute purple dress with little panties with purple and white checks. Cute! White puffy socks from Aunt Rach and we were set, but the one sock kept falling off.. This won't do. I grabbed the baby and went in to get different socks, poor sitter can't deal with that all day on top of 5 kids. I walk in the nursery and grab a pair of white socks, as I grab the basket to look over the socks here it comes, something hits my foot. What was that?
Poop! Butterscotch Pudding Poop! Here it is, up the diaper, up the back, in the dress, across the pants, on my shirt, on my pants, in between my toes, in the BASKET OF SOCKS, and down across our light beige carpet.
Yell for daddy to get in here we have a situation, get him to clean up the carpet as I change miss thing and wipe her down, leave her in the changing table in the pnp and I change myself, go in and wipe the poop from my feet and wash my hands. Go back in and grab her an outfit and pull the only clean pair of socks I could find out of the bin and then decided that I am just dropping her at the sitter and going to work.
Drop her at the sitter, stop at Starbucks for a Venti Ice Americana with 3 shots of non fat milk, the girl is so nice and sweet to me in the drive thru that I didn't expect her to mess up my entire drink order and give me what I am still thinking is day old bitter drip coffee. Oh well, it will at least work for now to keep me awake.
On my way into work I am listening to Bob and Tom (LOVE BOB and TOM and won't listen to them with the baby in the car) and they have this talk about this tattoo guy in Texas that did a world record number of Tattoo's and this fake Larry King Guy that is telling the story and then stops and says "Know where's the worst place to have a Tattoo?"
they all reply "where?"
then he says "On a Job Interview!"
I lost it, almost peed myself and was in tears laughing until I got to work.
I feel much better now!

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Anonymous said...

Oh...I'm so sad for you and your morning...even though you made me laugh! But thanks for making me laugh cuz I needed it. Hopefully you get more sleep tonight!!!