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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Decision has been made

Ok, so lets admit it, I cuss too much to be a parent. I know it and so do most people. I can admit that the F word is my most favorite word while driving. Yet, my love for it needs to go, I am too good a parent to have that kind of garbage coming out of my mouth. I do not want Miss T saying that when she's old enough to talk. I did hear the other morning on Z's moms station that there is a smurf movie coming out in 2009.. so any of you in my age range are going to know what I mean when I say I decided that I am now going to be smurfy when I start getting upset. I have decided that I will replace all bad words with Smurf..Smurfity Smurf Smurfn smurfer!
P.S Taryn rolled over the other way this weekend.. Fingers crossed we will have a video to follow soon!


Carrie said...

Wait, is there really a smurf movie coming out? OH MY GOSH! Don't tease me about this, I gave birth to my oldest child during an episode of the smurfs.

Lindsay said...

Man I used to LOVE me some Smurfs growing up! That was my favorite show, after Alvin and the Chipmunks!

Oh, and be careful for words that even SOUND like bad words, because if a child likes to imitate but pronounces badly, it can sound like dirty words, too. I've replaced the glorious s-word with "shoot", and when I say it, my daughter will repeat it and it sounds dirty. I'm trying to replace them with 1930s words instead, like beans.

The things we must do when children force us to grow up...

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I need to do the same thing....I sound like a frickin' sailor!!! Unfortunately, I could probably make a sailor blush!

krgans said...

I understand the cursing thing. If someone asks Thomas, what the dogs name is, he now says "Damn Dog" I am not kidding its really sad. What have I done... I like the idea of using Smurf
Miss you!