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Monday, March 10, 2008

It's not over, till it's over.. and it's not over :(

Starting week 2 at home. Not so much fun but I did get a lot of sit down boring stuff done. I still am not my chipper self, not so much fun but there is no one here to talk to yet. Dr appointment in the am so we will all cross our fingers, toes and pray A LOT! We (this we) is also going to have a nice chat with the Super Doc and discuss timing and dates.
In other news, there is no other news, my life is pretty boring. I did make curtains this weekend that even Charlie himself would be proud of. A few burp cloths and a bib too. I'll try to toss some pictures out here tonight if I can. I am not even sure if I am sleeping well these days. I slept from around 1:30 to almost 4 and got up and started a load of laundry, and picked up in the bedroom. I woke or thought I woke bob at 5 but he said he was awake even if he did fall asleep on the couch to get some real shut eye. Finished a few loads of laundry, picked up and seem to have a stack of parents, parenting, and pregnancy magazines. Anyone want them? They are good, already read here so I would hate to toss them in the recycle bin. I wrapped a few gifts for babies that are here and soon to be here. I need to call Patti and have her come out one day this week to help start on Adam and Stef's comforter. I need to open a new baby bank account and I think I am going to turn in my old savings bonds for new once as soon as she's born. It's time to pass down the torch. Betty did give me silver dollars too but I have no idea what ever happened to those.
I need to go to world market on my way home from the Dr tomorrow to see if I can find one more "hamper" I filled the one with blankets and not a single one that I made either. I did toss a few toys in the bottom of it but just because I have no idea where else to put things at this point in time, she's not going to play with any of them yet.
Sigh, we are getting there... When is she gonna get here?

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