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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No change Today

Went to the Dr today, no change.. Nothing new and sigh, we just wait some more. Cried on the phone to Bob in the car when I left, still sitting in the parking lot. I am sure he's wondering if he married a water fountain. Drove around for a bit and ended up at Denny's for lunch, it was good the waiter was sweet to me and really made me feel better, just not knowing and not asking anything helped. I can't say one more time that she's not here yet and I am waiting at home, using up my time feeling like I did something wrong.
After lunch I went to Kangaroo Kids to get nursing bra's and tops, the people there are so nice. The lady that was working had her son in, I am guessing he's 3 or 4 and thinks he's spider man until you say that to him then he's not anymore! I got this super cute onsie for the baby that is a massage onsie, and tells you where to massage for what reasons. I got a 0-3 months, and am sure I will get larger sizes if this one works out well. They said they get them in on occasion and it's cute.
I went to Hancock Fabric on my way out the door from Kangaroo Kids and they are not worth linking in here. That store is horrible, I am so disappointed with their designs, the service and the prices are horrible. I need to remember this before I go back in there, I can't even stand the sight of it now.
After that I went to my pregnancy massage at Ginger Bay Salon, and it was nice but I must admit my disappointment. There is one thing that pregnant women want to do and should be able to do when getting a massage ($75 massage) lay on your belly. Nope, they don't have that table and with the way my back hurt that didn't help. All in all the girl was good, she looked pregnant but I was afraid to ask if she was only because she may not have been and then where am I? Either or, it was nice, not the best, they have separate locker rooms but shared area to wait on your person. They had trail mix and teas while you wait and that was nice but I was not hungry for anything just drank a lot of water.
Left there and went to the grocery store for oranges then came home. I am now very tired and my body aches worse than this morning. I am emotionally drained and hope I sleep well tonight, I have had come crazy dreams these past few nights.
I feel like I am missing out on whats going on with everyone but I don't have the energy to hear anyone say anything that I am going to hear wrong, cuz really, when you feel like this, the last thing you want to hear is "God, you have not had that baby yet?", my favorite from my neighbor is "She won't be here until after the 17th and will weigh at least x lbs", "You should just wait till XX Date", "Are you having sex?", "drinking water?", "You should go for a long walk" (cuz my back feels great when I walk), and my personal favorite "Well what are you doing to go into labor?"

Sigh, No change today...


Anonymous said...

Just take it all in. Today you are still Tricia, wife of Bob. Enjoy the time you have left - take it all in as things will change forever, and you'll look back on these last few days and think about what you were doing, thinking, etc. I know it's hard, but just take it all in. Enjoy being able to just get up and drive to the grocery store on the fly, and shop for clothes and fabrics......just take it all in. Today is YOU day, maybe tomorrow will be YOU day, maybe all week next week will be YOU week...once baby is here, it will be HER second, minute, day, week, year! :) Just enjoy, and above all else, just smile and thank God you have one more day of a very healthy pregnancy!!! Don't worry - she'll come when she's ready....she's just not ready - you obviously have been treating her very well in the womb. She's probably just holding out for one more clementine - Jenn R.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, kiddo. I wish I was there with you. I'd bring all the Project Runways and a big mountian of oranges and we could make snarky comments all day long. Then we'd watch Oprah and just keep yelling 'you go, girl' and throwing our orange peels at the TV (which I would clean up because of couse we can't have that). Keep posting because it makes me feel like I'm there. Love you! Soon-to-be-Auntie Lisa