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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week 40

Went to the Dr. yesterday and still effaced to 70/ 75% and only dilated to 1. Uggg! He says the same thing he always says, "there may be a little bleeding but it's time to get ready, we just need to get there". He gives me a high five for having contractions that wake me most of the night before but still no change. "This is typical in first time mom's, it's hard and I know your are hurting but we'll bet there, this is all normal".
I'm a wreck, most days, at least last week I was, I feel a bit better more centered this week. . Some are better than others but it all just sucks, and I have such a small support system right now that I really don't know who to talk to most days. I don't have the work moms that I could usually talk to about how crappy things are going for all of us then feel better, laugh a little and move on. I have Emilie, don't get me wrong, and I would not live without her at this point in time, she's really there for me and texting gets me thru the day when things are too busy and she can't talk. Melissa is having a really super shitty time right now and I wish I could be there more for her, thats really hard on me, this is the furthest we have ever lived from each other. She's a trooper though and will call me with her shitty news to make me feel better. Crazy, she's such a nut.
I still give, I still can't take it and now I get nightmares, remembering my dad. I keep having this dream about him going to my Godparents house to play cards and I am across the street, yet he never sees me. Uggg again, whatever. Frank gave me a box that has been in his basement for as long as I have been here. A lot of it was cards from when I was born, and there seemed to be a lot of support in those cards, nice to know the people that were around my parents back then. The cards are cute, very 70's of course really big eyes on the girls on the cards. Lots of encouragement and hope for a girl. Seems we get to know these things so much faster these days, I wonder what would have changed if there would have been that technology back then.
In other Frank news:
So, I made this bag, it's funny as hell, made from leftover ties that I made Abbie and Maxine skirts that were Franks. The skirts are really cute, I am not so sure about the purse/bag. I need to get some pictures of the curtains out here, don't I . Let me do that no I made this crazy looking bag/purse, did I mention the purse before? The purse is ok, but very Dr. Seuss, it leans a lot because the thin part (behind the neck) is always in the same place so it's really thin there, I didn't think about that part but all in all for scrap, it's cute, different? Here are the curtains, I worked on them most of the weekend., and thankfully I got skills from my pop and we had to work with what we could get. WE loved the material but it was not enough, or so we thought, I honestly had less than an inch strip of scrap when I was done. Measure 45,000 times , cut once!

I made some burp cloths too, and a bib. I know I mentioned those before, but here are some photos' of what I did. Simple, cute, I really like the look of them. Some were gifts so if there is a chance that one is for you (close your eyes) don't look!


Anonymous said...

Hey lil mama,

Hang in there! I predict she'll be here by the end of the week!!! If you ever need to talk you can call me. And, since you are pregnant, I will let you rag on me and yell at me...its a freebie and I give it to you!!! You know that's a big deal coming from my smartass self! Seriously though, if I can do anything to help you, let me know!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and can you post more pics of her room, please? Thank you!

krgans said...

Hang in there and enjoy your time, because once she is born it will no longer be about you :)
Miss you... Love the stuff you made... still waiting for mine :)

craftjunky said...

I love the line "measure 45,000 times, cut once". that's about right!!!

I got your comment...of course you can be my internet friend, silly. I've added your link to my blog. You can add mine to yours if'n ya want. I will put craft stuff in soon. I just have to take pics of it, etc.

Don't let that stubborn baby girl get to you. It just means she's going to be feisty!!! I'm sorry you're having a rough time, but don't get too down. If you need to call me 314-922-3924.