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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swap till you drop.. (updated!)

Oh my gosh-
I have always wanted to be in a swap and there were two of them going on right now.. well, one ended and I am waiting to see if I can be involved but Wendi from Because Wendy said so still has hers going!!

WE got in both swaps!!
I am so excited.. but I need help trying to figure out what to send...
I have my one partner mamashpere and I have read over a bit of her blog but am a little overwhelmed now.. I gotta go shopping..


Dawn said...

Me too! Me too! I am excited!

Mamasphere said...

I just found out I'm your swap partner for the other one!

Melissa B. said...

Is this sort of like a White Elephant party? Are we supposed to share funky stuff or what? I've seen this a few places, and need a fuller explanation--it may be that I'm just Slow.

Tammy said...

Hi there! I just found out that we are swap partners! Yay! This will be so much fun!. I am reading you blog now to get an idea about you. Are you from MO? So am I originally. I am now a mutt persay but nonetheless I feel like MO is my true home.