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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Award Winning Post today!! OSB update

I am so horrible recently, I have received multiple awards and have not thanked or presented any of them... I am going to do so now and thank my friends (and not give any out until later!)

I'm so glad that Z's mom thinks we are fun to read... Makes me happy!

Kelly gave us this Ass kickin award, well, cuz we do kick ass!! Whooo hooo!!

The pink rose is from Kris and from Z's mom. We love them both!

Somehow my OSB update got bumped with the same line as at the top... I am down 1 total but not feeling so hot so we are just going to do our thing this week and hope we get some sleep.. the whole family is sick.. uggg...


Kelly said...

Look at you, super star!! You Rock! :)

Leslie said...

WTG!!! congrats on your awards!