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Sunday, December 30, 2007

painting and pillows

I finally gave in and bought myself a pregnancy pillow. It's wonderful so far, I have not used it on a work day yet but I have made it thru 2 nights with more sleep than I have had in a week and a half. This kid is growing now so fast that I can't seem to keep up, I don't know what to do about the next few weeks (10 weeks) but I got a new Yoga dvd on the way to help me stretch or something to make this more uncomfortable on me. I have always joked with friends that you would never actually get the nerve to have a baby (the actual birthing part) if you were not so uncomfortable that you just wanted some pain relief. I guess this is what is going to happen so I get to that point. Either way, this one pillow took the place of 3 (yes 3) king size pillows on my bed. Bob must be happy that he has room again.

On to paint... Bob got the start of the flowers done and North America ( I think one coat) I finished 2 coats on the Pac Rim and a coat on Antarctica. I am going to start South America Tonight, it's been hard on my body to sit on the floor and or sit on an uncomfortable chair trying to paint a wall with a small brush.. It may be time to give in for a massage soon.

All in all, things are going well here, lots of kicks going on around Christmas and thankfully everyone was nice, not saying things about my weight gain and or telling me what I need or should be doing. Except one comment from my mother but we won't get into that.
The nieces came in and we had a nice Christmas, lost of fun and running like mad, I think they were not so happy with me not running as fast or as much and or holding anyone as much this visit, but it was still great.

Either or, pictures to come, I have to keep painting now while the sun and lighting is good, I will take some photos after the sun is not on the wall.

Life is good... Take a look at my world right now...

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Melissa said...

The world looks great. is the outlet a ship? Are we getting a cool switchplate of a boat :-)