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Monday, December 10, 2007


So, she's moving more this week. A lot more. I was reading one of my 7,000 baby e-mails and it said now when she wakes from a nap she will kick about 3 times in a row, which really is happening but I don't get it. Seems to be some kind of spy talk for give me a break, I was sleeping here!
In other non baby news, we lost a tree branch today/ last night. Not sure when but it's on my willow. I am not happy, I hope it makes it but I am not sure. I didn't want Bob going out there to mess with it with all the ice we have. There is still about an inch solid except on the driveway and street...
Not too much else, I need to work on the south pole so we can move the tape and start on the other two walls. It's a bit overwhelming now, because so much has to match up so I really need to draw it all out so I can get going on the bottom to move the tape to start on two other walls, so I can get kicked out of the room so I don't smell the fumes so my part waits longer then he is done and I am rushing.
Whewwwww... that's a lot

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