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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Wreaths - A New Spin!

So, I have had this thing or Rice Crispy Treats.. Somehow how (don't listen Dave) Chocolate is not my thing right now...

Here's what I did.. Cook 1 stick of butter and 2 bags of large marshmallows (good enough to eat on their own!)

Mix in some green food coloring and vanilla...

Take an 8 inch round cake pan - spray with non stick spray and use either cups, cans or in my case Bob's beer glasses. Pour the mixture in; I spooned it in around the glass, but if it would have been something with a lid, I would have poured.

Add in decor.. My decor is skittles (minus the green) we used to use red hots but these are kid friendly.

Tie on a super fancy (yogo's seen here) fruit leather bow.

refrigerate for a half hour. As you can see, I didn't spray the glass with Pam but it helped me get the wreath out of the pan.

Put on a plastic red plate for sparkle. and BAM- Christmas presents for kings! (or neighbors and friends)

PS - I will post sometime this weekend for this week. It's been a fun one.. I may even have a few pictures.. but food first. :D

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