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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Week 21 ish.. overwhelmed...

I am not sure why I am feeling so overwhelmed these days. It could be the holidays coming up and I have a hard time not being with family and that hits home worse this year with so much else going on. I am having a hard time with the MIL she seems to say things without thinking first and then her only backup to what she says is to insult herself (because that makes things better??).
So it's coming down to another Thanksgiving and Christmas, actually the last for just Bob and I. It's odd... This time next year everything will be different, and I hope the room is actually pained by then.
So, I have to figure out paint colors and make sure we still agree on themes. I started my registry on Amazon, but just of the things I think that I need and some things that I have heard and read great reviews on. We were going to go register this weekend after we found out SHE's a she. But that didn't happen. I started some odd pre-nesting, I think its because I can still sit and bend in ways that I won't be able to soon. I cleaned out under the bathroom cabinet and the kitchen lower shelves and higher items. Also lifted the heavier pots and pans so I can reach them easier later. Pre Nesting? I would say yes but I still didn't mop and I didn't finish up the dishes until tonight.
I am getting a bit more of an urge to sew, I didn't have it for a long time but I need to get some things done for Christmas and want to send over Presents for the Thanksgiving gang in VA.
Mom is going on a long vacation in April, I am really sad about that.. Baby Mc will be less than a month old when she leaves, (depending on birth date and actual leaving date, could be a lot less) and I am sad, I think more because I will still be at home then and thought it would be good bonding time for all of us, I will be able to move and go a bit more by then and she'll be gone. Oh well, I know, get over it.... Things could be worse, some of my friends mothers live out of state...
Today was good, my brother was in with his two girls and they are so cute and so well behaved it just makes everything happy and I can't wait to be there.

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