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Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 18. Captian's log, will I ever sleep again?

Captains' log, 15th October the natives are getting restless, one is snoring in my face half the night and the other bouncing on my bladder. I have a feeling they are trying to wear me down until I am unwilling to fight back and just order pizza all the time.
Somethings going on that is stopping me from sleeping. Something between 2 and 3:30 am. Could be family stress from that horrible woman sending hate mail or it could be that I am more afraid that I won't wake up if a baby cries. I am not thinking so much the latter only because I know it's not here yet, I don't need to get up yet. Who knows, I even tried a benedryl and it didn't work. I talked to my sister in law tonight on the phone and she said, "you are just like your brother, he can sleep thru anything, it takes over 20 seconds for him to even realize I am shaking him.. I will never have that again :'( I would be ok if I could just sleep, even if I did get up t o "go" I can normally fall back asleep after. Some people say, get up if you can't fall back asleep after 10 minutes, go read or move around for 20 minutes or so then go back to bed. That won't work for me.

Well, I am at my pseudo half way mark this week. I hit #19 in a few short days... I also have an ultrasound tomorrow. I can still see most of my feet, I am out about 3 to 4 inches from where I started.. I used to have great abs, that will happen again one day.. I hope. Gulp....

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