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Monday, August 20, 2007

Week ten and the sickness begins...

Well, mom said she didn't ever have morning sickness. Well, I do, kind of. I am so super blahhhh and have not really wanted anything to eat but noodles with butter on them . Tonight I had regular sauce and it was alright but I still am not at my best. I can't get over the tired and I can't sleep a whole night, I guess this is over forever. I did get most of my sleep in my youth.. I really did take advantage of those days too, I am glad, and I have no regrets.
I have my second ultrasound on the 27th. This will tell me everything is going well going into week 12. The week after is the Dr appt., the long one where we go over all the do and don't items.
I am about to splurge on a new boo, Baby Bargains. My friend Kate said that she would have sent mer her copy but she just lent it to someone else, it's not too easy for e her to get it here anyway because she's half way across the country. So, that is on my list of things to get soon. I know it will come in handy, I have seen some of the older editions and they are really up to date on their stuff.

Erin had her baby. Issac Matthew, he's co cute. I should have a picture of him up here soon, I just need her ok to post him. I would hate to infringe on any contracts he has pending. :) hee hee.

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