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Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 11 - a few gigles while I am awake

Top 5 ways you know your in your first trimester

1. you put your keys in your hand and can't find them but for some reason you can't forget that you wanted a fish sandwish from McDonalds 4 days ago.

2. you almost fall asleep in the bathroom at work because you pee so slow and so long

3. The cafeteria lady at work is the first to touch your belly and your still wearing your normal clothes (so strange!)

4. No matter how tired you are, your still up at 1 am to p then again a half hour before the alarm goes off

5. You have some dream about your husband that leaves you pissed at him for most of a full day. (yeah, mine was someone was throwing snowballs at me and he didn't think it was a big deal, I woke up pissed and I am sure I didn't speak to him for well over an hour)

And the Bonus... Your at the Waterway and turn to the guy that wants to sell you a car wash and say " I dont NEED a gas station right now thank you!" before you can even figure out what is coming out of your mouth!

Ok, Plus - 2nd ultrasound today.. it was nice - abdominal and I even peed first. The baby was pissed because the weather has been so bad that I had to use my inhaler before I went so we didn't get any face shots because the little bugger was too busy being the next olympic gymnest!

Karen (the tech) had the worst time getting a clear shot of the babys face and legs and feet because there was quite a bit of dancing going on in there. No wonder I think I have to pee then I dribble, theres a show going on in there!
So, mom went with me. I was really glad she did. I think this is all so interesting that I am glad she got to go and see it all live.
We also went to Red Robin after and I got a chocolate malt and she got the worlds LARGEST rootbeer float!
(pictures soon.)

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