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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love what Turkey Cookies is doing... right now...

Right Now
, I am:

watching... an amazing amount of water, in the fall, with leaves everywhere, on the trees and the ground spreading it's rainbow of colors before the winter.

smelling... apples, ready for baking, cakes and candies ready for Halloween and cookies this weekend, ready to travel.

reading... trying to read Firefly lane, knowing it is sad and teary, I cannot bring myself to keep going.

enjoying... my hard work with making a Halloween costume!!

listening... more NPR than normal

knitting... nope, I want to pick it back up for winter

drinking... pumpkin lattes

wanting... make a few handmade holiday gifts

embracing... the love of my family in these rough times


Anonymous said...

Great blog. I just found you and will be back to read more soon.

Susie said...

How festive!!

Sally said...

Love this new latest Blog you found and loved too reading your personal answers

Jessica said...

Oh yes--pumpkin lattes!!!

LollyChops said...

I love what Jessica does too! I am going to have to do that too! You can call me CopyCatChops.