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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Surprise! I'm back - Added Bonus, a little BMW @ the bottom of the post!

Hi! I have finally gotten back to my computer for a bit. Whewwww. Things have been crazy! Work has been more hectic than ever, I've been working thru every lunch the past week and my boss's boss had been in for a trip too. It was nice. I have a friend back in the hospital, and that's so sad, but she's doing better.
Miss T has been on this "I'm so needy I can't function without you holding me no matter what, even if you have to pee I need to sit on your lap then too" phase, so by the time she's in bed I AM BEAT!. I was in bed by 8:30 the past two nights.
It's such a shame, my poor sewing room has taken such a hit. I've not gotten t anything, even my beautiful birds I got from my swap!! Tomorrow is going to be cold and nasty so daddy's making pasta and I am sewing and catching up on my stuff. Listing a few last stamps on the bay and figuring out the last of the things that I want to get rid of from my craft stuff.
I am going to try out #2 of the cupcake testers tomorrow. The neighbors are all out of town so I only got one box to test and I have no idea where they are going after I make them.
I've been working on Miss T's birthday party too. We are down to under a month before she is ONE!!! Can you believe it?? I can't that's for sure. I want this to be a good, memorable party FOR ME. She's not going to remember it, I am. I want to invite some friends, family and have a good time... More to come on that another time.

Ok Time for the BMW's again (Bitch, Moan, Whine!)
1. People that work in an office... Afternoon poop is made for single stall bathrooms, no one else needs that before they leave or after lunch. Please, take the time to go to the single bathroom downstairs!
2. We have a quiet room at work, and I am sure I've complained about it before, yes I know I have but there is a person that I know that is having an affair and if they use that room and phone again for their personal nasty calls I am going to holler from the rooftops.. PEOPLE USE THAT ROOM - Get the HELL OUT!!!
3. Ok, I can't think of anything else that can be in this post, the rest has to be in their own posts.. :)
have a great weekend!


Melissa B. said...

I have something that will get you out of your BMW moment...I'm giving away an actual PRIZE for Sx3 today...come play along!

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously...who is having the affair????

Anonymous said...
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