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Monday, February 9, 2009


I am NEVER ALLOWED TO E-BAY SELL AGAIN!!! I am a total OSD Freak! I can't handle it, I must be some crazy people pleaser, ADD, Need it now, Wanna know what's gonna happen, Ask people the end of the movie/book, insane, 2 piece of cake eating, CRAZY PERSON!!!
(Ask Z's mom!)
So, I got a bid, and a request for a buy it now.. OMG! That's insane!!! I am so happy!!!

So, the girls were making fun of me because I was reading all of these crazy e-bayers (no offense) but people write things that are just nutzo. so I thought, what the hell, lets go with the flow!! So I put on mine "Cut by a professional Stampin Up Representative" and cracked myself (and others) up. But now these people are like OH YA BABY! That's awesome!! Who's your stamper, Who's your stamper..

Dang it Karla! No more Cake for me!

Ok, back to my insane cleaning of ribbon, I swear my kid's gonna beat up boy scouts and tie them to trees. this kids amazing!! Oh Sigh... Look at this!!! It was a tornado! She had a great time, I just wish my camera had a charge then!
My addiction because who can pass this up!! The ten cents, YES for the WHOLE THING!
Oh ya! One Ninety for TEN Yards of grosgrain! Whoo hoo, ok but the bad news is, there is no more Walmart Fabric Department where I got this.
My fabu invention, it's a ribbon holder/ hider... This is 10 yards of each, in a toilet paper roll, with paint tape (because it won't hurt the ribbon) (Fine, yes and because it was there and I couldn't find anything else! Ok Smarty pants)
The unopened ribbon, sighing that it was saved.
The poor pittiful comforting because she was torn away from her master knot tying. Her pirate practice... her unbelievable way of making me laugh by cracking herself up during a conversation with Ribbon, It's the Italian in her, I swore I heard "Now, look here See... Your gonna listen to what I say, See.. I'm gonna need a sippy cup and a big wheel and a driver.. somone with long legs See..."


Susie said...

You lost it on Ebay:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, more cake for you! Did you even take a breath while you typed this post!!!!

That picture of Bob and T is precious!!!

Outnumbered2to1 said...

Too funny. My kids used to find my curling ribbon and then run around the dining room table, tying up all the chairs. That was good fun times. said...

Your idea for using the rainbow cake on St. Patrick's Day is FABULOUS! I might have to try that instead of my Guiness cake, which was, let's face it, an excuse to tip baking skills with the remaining five bottles of Guiness.

"Cut by a professional Stampin Up Representative" made me laugh SO hard! I love me some ebay descriptions!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on the sale! I tried it once and sold something and was so excited.

I can't believe how big Miss T is getting! She's precious!