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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tricia Needs...

Ok, I stopped in to say hi to Z's mom today and she had this thing on her page that I used to do in my training class and tell people it was a Fortune Teller and if they did well we could tell fortunes at the end of class.. So here goes..

Go to Google and entered "(your name)" + the word "needs" and hit enter.....
Here are my results....

Tricia Needs...

Tricia needs
constant assistance to meet her personal care - does this include a personal shopper and cook?
Tricia needs to move back in with her parents - again I say, personal cook? anyone?
Tricia needs major help! - Well I never!
Tricia needs a rest from me. - not so sure if that means I have multiple personalities or if there is another person I need a rest from.
Tricia needs a CAT. - no not so much, I feed enough people here, can we go back to the personal chef?
Tricia needs to pee - uh, I just did but thanks... oh, wait, maybe I do need to pee...???
Tricia needs to get a lawyer and see how much she can get from the old man. - HAHAHHAA he's not worth anything without me!
Tricia needs affection, stability and devotion, not charm and empty words. - Amen Sistah! you tellum!
Tricia needs help, needs therapy, not the electric chair. ... - Gulp.. lets not go to far here people
Tricia Needs Our Prayers - aww thanks, can you pray for that cook and maybe some ice cream too?
Tricia needs to realise that while her exes flaws are made public, so is her act of craziness. - dang, I didn't know I was so popular!
Tricia needs to stop talking & copying Tyra Banks - Fierce!!!
and that's all Tricia needs. ... you can say that again


Auntie Lisa said...

Unfortunately for me, the Simpsons episode about "Dental Plan, Lisa need braces" pretty much knocks me out of this one.

Kelly said...

Tricia, I'm down on my knees praying for your cook and ice cream (what flavor?!)

krgans said...

Ha, that is good! Mine was Kate Needs a pinup Photographer.... Funny NOT!