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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Read it all.. I'm ramblin again but it could benefit you!

I am thinking of having a contest... The Walmart by me is going to stop selling fabric and I went a little nutty buying some (ok, a lot but who's judging?) so my spending habit could be your gain...
I am thinking 3 prizes... (in no special order)
1. a doll.. (stuffing included)
2. a bag (cute and what I use in my charity work)
3. a plastic bag grabber (everyone has too many bags in the kitchen not to need one)

Thoughts? tell me if you think it's dumb or what..

(Yes Aunties get special prizes if they want any of the above.. but theres going to be some seriously cute aprons made for this year)

Isn't this the cutest thing ever!!
Betz White made a laptop case that I just love!

Burta Style does it again with this cute nightie

We got Pillowcase kids dress instructions from Red instead..cute idea, even cuter tutorial!

We plan to edit this one, but cute idea to make a teeshirt dress (we will use a different bottom...

Even a lil somethin for the boys we love ...akin some pants from old tees


Anonymous said...

I think your contest is a great idea.

I like that laptop case too....very cute.

The pillowcase nightie? Um, yeah, I'd need that with a king size pillowcase...or two.....

Kelly said...

All these ideas are so ingenius!! I would love to see what you do as a're so crafty!

Lindsay said...

I love a good contest, especially when it's homemade. I'm always in awe of crafty people.

Marla said...

love the idea of pants made out of T-shirts...