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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Talk about Crazy!

We got a new contest and all kinds of news so we are bundling it all. First Eight Crazy Designs has a contest and we wanna win it and get our own personalized blog.. Hope we win! In honor of Shannon, we are adding 8 crazy things today!
1. Now, we did go see Stef and Adam at the hospital and got this Crazy picture of Jeremiah with his tons and tons of hair.
Stef, who decided to go natural, and have 14 hours of epi!!!!
Crazy cute blanket that Cindy made for us. I LOVE IT!!!Crazy daddy's.. Miss T looking at that baby like he's lunch!

Miss T sleeping rolled sideways.. to catch the thumb!
My crazy felt food.. I made it finally!
My crazy kid ROLLING OVER ALREADY!!!!!!!!

AND THE VIDEO..(it counts for # 8) it's not all the way over this time but it's close enough for grannie today.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

thanks for entering! love the 8 crazy things! good luck