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Monday, March 3, 2008

Searching for Labor

So, I went on line after hearing a few friends talk about some Pregnancy salad. There are stories all over about a place in LA Caioti (cute story attached) Pizza that makes a salad that puts women in labor. The ingredients are romaine, watercress, walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese with some special vinaigrette dressing. There are stories everywhere about making your own and what to put in it all seems to be the same so I dared try. I found pasteurized Gorgonzola (which I love anyway!) and purchased the rest of the ingredients this past weekend. The Salad was awesome but it's not seeming to work so well, nothing has happened. Today is day 2 of the salad and I have been drinking the raspberry leave tea for a week or more with no luck . What's going to work? Who knows, I tried adding dried cherries, yesterday roast beef, and today turkey and tomatoes. Still good but no dice.
She's Bob's kid so I think I am going to have to move all the clocks and calendars up and tell her it's almost April. That's how we get Bob to show up on time to Holiday events. Personally, I think she's waiting for the snow to end.

Anyone in good with Mother Nature?

P.S. I have opened the Comments to non moderated so please use caution, it only takes one bad egg for me to shut it off again. I wanted to give people a chance to add comments while we are in the hospital (yes, it will happen eventually!) so this way there can be updates without me here. Wow, there are going to be more entries without me than with!

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