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Monday, August 6, 2007

Week 8 almost over --

Went to get my ultrasound today. Found out I have a small cyst on my right ovary. Not so sure what that means now but I am seeing the Dr tomorrow so he will tell us more. But I do have our babies first pictures!!!
So the first picture is the little card they gave me to put the pictures in, it's so cute.
the second is the not the first pictures but the second actually but i reversed them when adding them in. So the top pictures is the Ring (that is the yolk sac, going away slowly. The lady that did the US called it a halo it was very cute. She was so nice.
The Second picture was actually the first she took. As you can see it's a babies first picture. I'm thinking he already! His heartbeat was 171 bpm. Thats too fast for a girl. Not that a girl would be bad either but who would cut the grass with bob?
About me? I am feeling ok, sleeping a LOT! not really sick yet all in all, doing really well.

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