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Sunday, July 8, 2007

the photos - Test and Bob's shirt

I swear I took 4 tests in Ohio and they were all positive but I didn't believe any of them so just kept taking them. The lines were light but they were there. This is the last test I took in Ohio at Dave's the morning I was leaving. Hannah was the first to know that I was having a baby and she promised not to tell (I was sure she would remember for 3 whole minutes)
I had this picture in my phone (where I took it in the bathroom) I was so scared that someone was going to see it, I was taking so many pictures of the girls that I could not wait to get home and download it so it was off my phone.

The Next picture is the one of Bob's shirt that I made him before he came home so he would know that his boys can swim...Also photo taken by phone and saved there till I could download onto the computer.

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